MNC’s based in Bengaluru shielding its racist employees ?

Over the last couple of weeks Bengaluru has seen a dramatic change. The unity seen among the Kannadigas for Cauvery water is tremendous. But over the course of time few people from other states staying in Bengaluru made derogatory comments on Kannadigas and Karnataka.


This type of statements was unwanted and sends bad taste. As many of you would have seen in TV or in print media one guy was tracked down and was physically abused . We at aralikatte condemn such activities.

At the same time let me introduce you to new group called Samanya Kannadiga (fb.com/sakannadiga) who took a totally non violent approach. They tracked down few of the miscreants , found where they were working and sent a mail to their HR manager , demanding their termination.

Few such miscreants were

  • Ganesavel working at Huawei


  • Nisha Raman working at First Advantage


  • Jubin Jacob Abraham working at KPMG


The team sent a letter to all the respective HR’s demanding their termination. when they did not reply Bharath Halemane an advocate representing Samanya Kannadiga sent a notice


Though the MNC’s have replied back, it looks like traditional automated replies.

Sandeep Parswanath, president of Samanya Kannadiga says

“We urge the Kannadigas in the following companies to take-up this matter with the concerned and ensure termination of the miscreants who do not know how to respect the local land and language despite utilizing all resources from the land”

This gives many a feeling that this MNC’s are shedding their Racist employees, Hope the Companies come forward and show the disciplinary action taken on their employee .

Reply From Huawei


Reply from First Advantage


Reply from KPMG



aralikatte Team will wait for for the official reply from the companies and then take this forward.


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