Bengaluru students develop gesture-sensing glove

Bengaluru Students of engineering have developed a ‘smart glove’ converts hand gestures based on Indian sign language into spoken English.

Bengaluru: Students of an Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru here have developed a smart glove called MUDRA which converts hand gestures based on Indian sign language into spoken English, potentially paving the way for speech-impaired individuals to communicate more effectively with others.

The feat was achieved by a team of four B.Tech students–Abhijith Bhaskaran, Anoop G Nair, Deepak Ram and Krishnan Ananthanarayanan.

Abhijith Bhaskaran said the glove is much cheaper compared to similar gesture-sensing products available today.

The prototype took 16 weeks to build and costs Rs. 7,500.

The glove can currently recognize numbers from 1 to 10, and Indian sign language gestures corresponding to words such as morning, night, goodbye and thank you. It can detect four different states of each finger, and as many as 70 gestures can be configured, he said.

The glove is now in advanced stage of the production cycle. “We have begun validating its social feasibility. The preliminary results are very encouraging.”

The team intends to conduct field trials once it has designed user experiments with all possible conditions and permutations, he said.

Dr T S B Sudarshan, Research head at Amrita School of Engineering, Amrita University, said 1.2 crore Indians have some kind of speech or hearing disability, quoting the 2011 census.

“These people face many issues in society for being unable to communicate normally or express themselves effectively. They communicate through sign language and hand gestures which are often ridiculed by others, creating social insecurity among them. The glove can help bridge this gap between speech-impaired people and others,” he said.

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