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My Story: A Model Corporator…!!

Story By: Jayanti Bhattacharya

“I really felt wow for the first time about a politician.

Once again, Thank you, Mr.Chandrappa Reddy!

I really want to share this story with everyone. First I would like to thank my corporator Mr.Chandrappa Reddy for his timely help. I called him at 10:30pm this evening, as we found an unidentified old woman lying on the pavement near the ISRO junction. I tried calling both the police stations on our road but no one answered. Mr. Reddy sent 7 cops and showed up himself! We tried to revive the lady to get an address which didn’t work, so we called 108 and they sent an ambulance in 5 mins. I am impressed, when we need help we get it. All we need to do is ask.

” Not all politician look for opportunity there are many who are real Do Their Duty Promptly”

About Mr.Chandrappa Reddy:

© chandrappareddym

© chandrappareddym

Mr. Reddy born into a middle-class family he rose to be a corporator doing various social works. He is the corporator for Konena Agrahara Ward No 113 and Presently he is also The Chairman of Ward Level Public Works committee.

aralikatte team appreciate The Corporator’s proactive response, We are sure we all will be inspired by Mr.Chandrappa Reddy, We need more people like Mr Reddy, and we also need such prompt and quick action by the authorities even when a common man approaches them. We also thank Ms Bhattacharya for sharing this wonderful story.

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