Ajji mane in Agumbe

“Where do we go now, my search is exhausted”, I said. She replied- “Why should not we try Agumbe, we have never been there”. I was like– “Why didnt I think about this place earlier..!”.

I nodded and told her about Ajji mane in Agumbe. It seemed interesting to her.

So, we decided to visit this place to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
Agumbe is a small hamlet located just 20 kms away from Sringeri. With the amount of rain it receives during the monsoon, this place is otherwise known asCheerapunji of south. Civilization is surrounded by thick evergreen forests with river source “Sita”. Sunset point at the start of Agumbe Gaut attracts tourists from different parts of India. During monsoon nature lovers throng agumbe to experience continuous rain and vivid colors of flora.
This legendary house has a lot to speak. This is where episodes of Swamy and his friends of infamous Malgudi days were shot. This is where Kiccha Sudeepa’s My autograph was shot. But out of all these cine facts, what caught my attention was Kasturi Ajji and her family’s selfless deeds. Her family have been catering traveler’s needs since decades. She prepares food and offers shelter at her ancestral big house for anyone who wishes to spend some time in Agumbe. That’s a humble gesture.!
With much eagerness, we drove to this place after a brief interval at divine temple Sringeri.
I was amused at the architecture of Dodda Mane. Such a big house with sturdy pillars, spacious rooms, a large open area to hang out with people. If you feel bored of sitting, you could dive into fresh water just across the road or go bird watching, which is even better.!
I went in search of avian beauties around dodda mane and Jogi gundi road. Trust me, it was one of the best birding experience.! Whistling thrush’s melodious song, grey hornbill’s call, pitta’s guest appearance, hopping of orange-headed thrush, woodpecker’s noise..and many more.
White Bellied Woodpecker.

White Bellied Woodpecker.



Agumbe is a great place for birding, herping, macro photography and many adventure activities. If you have plans to visit Agumbe I certainly recommend a night stay at Dodda mane to relish delicious food and friendly hospitality.

Contact details of Dodda mane:-
Kasturi Akka : 08181-233075
Ravikumar (son-in-law): 9448603343
Food availability: Vegetarian
Places to look around: 
1: Agumbe Sunset point.
2: Jogigundi Water falls.
3: Barkhana Water falls.
4: Kundadri peak.
5: Someshwara Wild life sanctuary.
6: Sitanadi herpo camp.
7: Sitanadi white water rafting.

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