Let’s Support “Samanya Kannadiga” against ‘Artificial Monopoly’ prevalent in all Multiplex

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The mall did not allow our Samanya Kannadiga team to carry sealed juice bottle inside. When Questioned they argued that we buy food from their food court(which is priced 400% the market price). If you want join us in bring a change to this ‘Artificial Monopoly’ by the multiplex then sign the petion below

also ask your friends to share and sign the petion at https://goo.gl/KPZBTX

Water which is the basic necessity  is priced 40 RS for 500ml of water. this is higher then the price of petor in Bengaluru!!!


Samanya Kannadiga Pratishtana Trust (R) in short “Sa.Ka” is a Civil Society Group working on consumer rights, upholding the rights of Kannadigas, providing tutorials and skill development workshop for financially underprivileged and taking up various other philantrophic activities within its reach.

With commercial interests in mind and to fulfill the need of the shoppers of the city, builders/developers and top notch investors have invested in Malls in Bengaluru city. These swanky malls are a great place to hang around given the comfortable ambience, parking facility, A/C, eatouts and Entertainment. It has
given a new dimension to the high networth individuals [HNI’s] to splash money on the variety of offerings; which is not limited to Clothes, Jewellery, FMCG, Footwear, Electronic Appliances and state of art movie screens which provide the best of Entertainment.

Families or persons with very less disposable income visit the Malls usually either for ‘Window Shopping’ or to watch their favourite movies. Flexible timings, A/C and multiple screens are some of the reasons; why a customer choses Multiplexes over ordinary theatres.

However, visitors/customers who wish to visit the Mall to watch their favourite movies are fleeced to buy the products available inside the Mall. Now, a cup of popcorn is brazenly overpriced to the extent of more than 200% – 300%. And all items available inside the screening area where the eatables, snacks, soft drinks are sold; are highly overpriced to such an extent that the tickets on watching the movies is lesser than buying these snacks/soft
drinks and other savouries.

Such a practice of inducing ‘Artificial Monopoly’ is prevalent in all Malls. Even branded mineral water bottles are sold 200% more than their MRP prices.

The management has also instructed its security not to allow ‘outside food’ inside the multiplexes. Such a move of overcharging 300 times the market price is irrational, arbitrary, overly monopolistic, abhorrent and fleecing the customers to a huge extent.

Managements of such Malls are reaping huge profits at the cost of innocent, gullible customers who are victims of such ‘Artificial Monopoly’.

Consider this example: A family of four visits a prominent Mall to watch a movie; the cost of tickets for the family is Rs.600/-; however, the billing for their snacks is Rs.1,600/- [inclusive of a popcorn and coke]. Considering the number of shows aired from Morning till the last show in the night, this gives a huge margin of profit to the Managements. Such profits derived after fleecing the customers and inducing ‘Artificial Monopoly’ doubles up on weekends and festives, when the crowd is more than compared to normal week days.

Competent Authorities/Government need to restrain such monopolistic practices of the Managements. The local district administration and State Government need to probe such ‘unethical’ practices and stop fleecing of customers. The government cannot maintain a ‘stoic silence’ and allow such unethical practices to
breed upon. While we welcome, the Government’s decision to keep a ‘tab’ on the tickets issued in Malls [ this is yet to be implemented], this ‘mafia’ of selling snacks at huge prices need to be curtailed with immediate effect.

As a resposnsible ‘Civil Society Group’ we urge each and every citizen to support us and sign the petion @ https://goo.gl/KPZBTX and help us stop illegal and unethical practices under appropriate laws.

copying or reproducing the above content in any format without approval is criminal offence and will be prosecuted in Bengaluru court © ಸುವರ್ಣಾನುಡಿ

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